Friday, May 26, 2017

Nothing Personal !!

Have you ever come across this weird situation when having a conversation with your friends, colleagues or bosses in work place where they keep mention you not to take things personally. It may be a particular incident or a decision they have took or an action they are about to take.
They just want you not to take it personally.
I'm sure you must have got similar experiences.

Wow .. interesting right!  how can i not take something personally which is inevitably affecting my self. I really cannot understand this. May be my microscopic brain is not capable of handling the logic.
Going back to the original statement where you get advised not to take things personally, these people who tell you these stuff thinks that they have the perfect balance between the work life & personal life. These are the kind of people who tells you not to take personal issues to office and not to take office related matters home.

Well if you ask me i would say the whole work-life balancing thing is a big fat lie !
Bitch, i only got one life to live and i don't have split personalities to live two lives (work and personal) which is a mental disorder!

How can you divide things between work &personal life?
I earn from my job and i use my earnings to feed my self and pay my bills and i got in to my job and in current job role because of  what i study and practice as a person.
So how exactly can we draw a line and separate. I honestly don't understand.

If you take me as an example i'm a kind of person who get things done based on the priority level. you may see me working on my office projects on holidays and I may do my banking or shopping in office hours.

Even when i'm at office if i don 't feel like working, I may not work. I would rather work at night in my bed with the highest level of concentration.

So if you are telling me not to take work related stuff too personal, I might tell you to get your split personality ass to hell and give a blow job to the devil him self.

I mean seriously, for me everything which happens around me affecting myself is bloody personal. 
We are not some pre -programmed robots to live two separate lives from 8 to 5 and from 5 to rest of the day.

As humans we cannot do that no matter how hard we try . If you try to  do this by force, you will end up as a fake person who always wears a mask to hide your true feelings.

Lets be honest guys do you really think that you would be able to control your thoughts and be normal to a colleague who did a dispute to yourself and tell you that its nothing personal. You will probably just try to "act" normal. But actually you are not. That 's the human nature and its totally fine.

Another famous quote in cooperate is that "I do not have personal grudges with people, its all work"

My point is you can have as many grudges you want with people.But you cannot categorize them as work related or personal grudges!
Its quite simple either you have grudges over people or you don't.

In my limited span of 27 years in this pathetic world, what i can understand and what i believe is, you cannot take out your profession from your personality separately. In the same way you cannot take out your interests & your personal characteristics out separately from your profession.
All these are combined together as factors which define yourself. 
All these small parts come together to illustrate and interpret a one final product - which is you.

Again that 's my take on it... you all can do what ever the fuck you want with your miserable lives!!!


  1. Hmmm. My interests and hobbies define me better than my professional work.
    Don't take it personally if my comment is not to your liking, Ha ha

  2. Well. You wouldn't survive in Customer Service. People spend their whole day trying not to take things personally.

    1. Haha Customer service is a whole extensive area where a complete blog would be needed to elaborate...LOL