Thursday, April 13, 2017

Awrudu in Pearl Nation

For most of the Sri Lankans this would be the time to celebrate the transition of the Sun from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries which marks the beginning of Aluth Avurudu.
The whole island is geared up to forget old disputes and welcome the New year on joyous and positive note.Its the time for a new beginning with new hopes.

But fuck that shit right...!! For me Awurdu is non of that. Its all about the time off you get from your Office/School, Unlimited seasonal sweetmeats and of course the time spent with your family. oh.. not to forget the "Extra" Boozing time with the buddies.

I know most of the folks are just like me but they tend to get things more complicated going into the whole Awrudu groove.
Lets start off from Awrudu shopping. Seeing the extensive queues at local textile shops in towns one may wonder whether to whom has the Awrudu come. to people like you and me or to the shop owners.

we have laid ground rules for our selves saying that you must buy new clothes for Awrudu. Otherwise  its considered as a serious crime and you will not be accepted to the civilization and neglected from the society. It has become a dead serious concern among families.Whether you have got your awrudu bonus or not, Got the salaries or not we just need to buy new clothes for Awrudu, End of story... 

I know people who got loans for the season just to get  clothes and stuff to their  kids and relatives back home,Thats fucking retarded.

Don't get me wrong here guys, I have nothing against celebrating Awrudu with new cloths by any means. If you have the wealth  please do buy new clothes not only for the season but for the whole freaking year. Just don't  judge people like me who don't want to spend money at the times when society insists.

The most irritating part for me in Awrudu is closing of  Bars.
For fuck's sake how do they expect us to do a celebration without the most essential party starter of the human race...

But not to worry darlings the good old fathers and uncles of this nation had already stocked just the right amount of liters of Ethanol to survive the Awrudu week.Then there is this occasional over prized black market "Gal Bothal" service in case if you ran out of the stock which is the usual case with me and my friends.

Then the most fucked up part in the season, the auspicious times or the "Nakaths". We have denoted times for every freaking thing we do from Bathing , Cooking ,Taking meals and going to work.
I some times wonder why they don't have auspicious times for  brushing teeth or taking a dump.

The screwed up part is that government is officially driving this by setting up a so called "Rajya Nakath Kamituwa" where bunch of mythological retards giving us times , what to wear and what to eat based on stars, spending millions of public funds.
Not to forget the state sponsored national festivals throughout the week.

Funny part is even these experts in astrology cannot agree on a common auspicious time among them selves. That's what happened this year where these fairy tale morons arguing back and forth on the "official"  auspicious times.

I of course do not even bothered to look at these arguments as i know i'm going to sleep till late and eat what ever is there when i wake up and go for a booze with the amigos later the day. So that's my official  auspicious activities.

Just think, we have been eating "Kiri Bath" in auspicious times for centuries have we gain some thing at least a worth of an ant testicle. The dollar is skyrocketing like never before in the history and all we care about is a cultural brag of 2500 years.

In my opinion "Awrudu" is a concept which stimulates a nostalgia among our selves going back to the this fantasy world of old traditions, That's why people brags more about the "Ape Gama" or the Village life with a cultural delusion.
You can witness this firsthand by simply switching on the television these days. The amount a of promotion done together with scholars.astrologers, actors and singers  just to enjoy this "Old Times" concept is enormous. (This is where the "Ranwala Balakaya" type groups chip in and make
fast buck enough for the whole year)

Since that's non of my business to give any amount of fucks,
I just sit back and enjoy the whole "drama" simply having a bite of Kokis!!